What are Study Squads and why do we have them?

One of the most valuable things about living in Amplify is that you are surrounded with students who are in the same, or similar majors. Study squads are a way to have a built in group of people who are taking many of the same classes, and hopefully are in some of the exact same sections as you. We’re hoping to give you the contact emails of your groups before you even arrive, so you can meet folks in your classes, have people to walk to class with/sit with if you’d like.

These groups are inspired by past student requests to be more academically connected to each other, and will be completely student led. They are new this year, and we’re excited to see how you all might utilize them! We hope you use these groups as a resource, for building study groups, exam prep sessions, a resource if you have questions on an assignment, or however else you’d like to utilize this tool (within the bounds of CSU’s academic integrity policy, of course).

One of the great things about being located in Pinon Hall is that we have a TON of group study space. We will have specific rooms that will be reservable for study squads if you all find a good time/Frequency and would like to hold regular meetings. You will be able to reach out and request some supplies/food if your squad is motivated and has a plan!



We are hoping that you will connect with your study squad at least every other week.

You will use a form we provide to track your attendance

We will check in frequently to see how it’s going!


I’m not feeling my study squad, do I have other options?

Yes! We can pull up the “next best” study squad group and introduce you to a different group of Amplify students. If you have friends in Amplify and would like to join their squad, you can let us know. If group studying isn’t your thing, you can utilize another academic resource on campus like tutoring, office hours, or a different group inside. This opportunity is meant to support you, and if it feels stressful just reach out and we can work something out.


More details about the Study Squads will be released later this spring/into the summer.