• New Amplify Applications for the 22-23 year are currently on hold while Housing completed room assignments.
  • If you have been assigned to Pinon and have not completed the Amplify application/have been instructed to complete it, please do so.
  • If you are looking to return to Laurel Village in your second year, please plan to complete room selection in the Spring through University Housing. At this time we are not planning on opening Amplify floors (Pinon Hall) to returning students, but you can check out Year 2 at CSU, which is located in Alpine!
  • Contact us at if you have questions.



We will start reviewing applications on January 31st. After that, we typically make a decision with submitted applications within 48 hours, but please allow up to two weeks for us to review your application. If you have questions about your application status, please feel free to email us!

No. We review each application carefully, and value the completeness, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness you put into your applications. Upon making our decision about your application, we will notify you via the email you provided on the application. If you are accepted, your name will automatically be sent to University Housing for placement in our community.

Don’t worry! Please contact us at and explain what happened. We will work with you to fix it!

You are welcome to apply to multiple Learning Communities at CSU. However, keep in mind if you apply (and are accepted) into multiple Learning Communities that have a residential component (require you to live in a specific hall), you will have to chose which community you want to participate in. You will be contacted by email and given a deadline to choose which community you prefer to participate in. If you do not respond by the deadline, your spot in either community might not be held.

Ideal Move In for Amplify students: August 15th &16th
Please register for a Move In arrival timeslot through the link sent out by University Housing late July.

You can find more info here about CSU University Housing Move-in!

At this time, we are only accepting new incoming first year students into Amplify for Fall 2022. However, we encourage you to apply for Year 2 at CSU floor in Alpine Hall. Please contact us if you have questions.