Amplify is a residential learning community at CSU made up of around 300 students who all have majors in the College of Natural Sciences. Through living with fellow science majors, students can study, connect, and make friendships with folks who are in their same first year classes and will be in the same major coursework throughout their undergrad. Amplify is located in one of the newest residence halls on campus (Pinon Hall, with some space in Alpine Hall, both in Laurel Village) that has also been designed for science students with floor to ceiling whiteboard walls, a common study area, a classroom, multiple study rooms (including on the floors).

There are no fees associated with Amplify (besides housing fees associated with living in Laurel Village), but students in Amplify will be asked to:

– participate in room selection during RLC week, select a roommate also in Amplify, select a room in Pinon or Alpine Hall, Move-in on August 12th and participate in Amplify Welcome

– participate in at least one Amplify event/experience per semester, informed by first year students interests & needs, and hosted by our staff/student staff.

– attend your Amplify Study Squad (a student led group of Amplify students that are in similar classes/sections as you are) biweekly 

– choose and attend one Ongoing experience per semester: this is a connection to some other part of campus that can last past their first year. We have a few featured experiences that most of our students will chose from, but have many options for flexibility (academic tutoring/centers on campus, student groups/orgs, volunteering, undergrad research, etc. it’s very flexible)

– complete the end of the year survey!

Our goal: to support and bring students together in a community that amplifies their individual voices, because we know that advancing STEM will only happen when our full selves are included, and that leadership must be defined by the celebration of our unique lenses, stories, and perspectives. These requirements are designed to support you through your first year and make connections for your future years!

We have a few groups within Amplify that students can elect to be a part of:

Academic Cluster Options (no impact on housing): 

  • Amplify Psychology
    • We have a new partnership with the Psychology department. Through Amplify Psychology, you will have seats reserved for you in common first year Psych courses, your first year seminar will be with fellow Amplify students (and potentially be located right here in Pinon Hall,) you’ll get to connect with professors and resources in the psychology community including free events, a small group that you can meet and study with, undergraduate research and internship opportunities, and more! 
  • And more
  • Interested in a cluster? You can indicate your interest on our application, or email us at to make sure you are considered 🙂 

Residential Options (no impact on academics): 

  • Live on a floor for students who identify as women in STEM (optional)
  • Live in gender inclusive housing in Laurel Village (optional)
  • Live elsewhere Pinon (co-ed floors, suite and community style)