Amplify is a residential and academic community at CSU with 400 (280 for Fall 21) students from the College of Natural Sciences. Students are connected with others in their majors and can participate in science themed experiences informed by first year student interests and needs. We bring students together in a community that amplifies their individual voices, because we know that advancing STEM will only happen when our full selves are included, and that leadership must be defined by the celebration of our unique lenses, stories, and perspectives.

Additionally, students can apply to be in smaller learning communities within Amplify. These learning communities have intentionally structured programing that center students who have been historically marginalized in STEM. In their second year, students can apply to our Amplify Leadership Fellowship.

For 2021-22, Amplify will have an option to apply to live on a floor for students who identify as women in science.

Amplify Leadership Fellows 


We believe that anyone can be a leader in science, and the only way to solve the most challenging problems is to bring people together with many different identities, perspectives, and ways of thinking.

The Amplify Leadership Fellows program aims to redefine who is a leader in STEM by encouraging students who have not historically been recognized as leaders to participate. These second-year students will uncover what sets them apart and see how their unique perspectives and abilities are critical to innovate and make changes in science and in society.

Fellows practice what they learn about leadership in their role as mentors to the first-year students in the Amplify Learning Communities, and as learning assistants for Amplify seminar courses.

  • 5-day Immersive training and retreat before school starts
  • Weekly leadership trainings and practice
  • Weekly individual one-on-one support from CNSLC staff
  • Learning Assistants for Learning Community seminar courses
  • Lead 1x1s for their first-year student mentoring group
  • Design and facilitate weekly groups for Amplify students
  • Complete a leadership project showcasing what they have learned
  • On Hold for 2021-22

Science Outreach Scholars 


STEM culture has historically valued individualism and complete objectivity. However, we believe that authenticity and community are essential to practicing good science. Amplify Perspectives is made up of a community of 40 students with identities that have traditionally been underrepresented in STEM fields and provides a critical lens for students to question who, how, and what a scientist can be. The program challenges students to engage in deep self-awareness and asks how their cultural identity can be celebrated and serve them as they embark on their STEM careers.

Students in this learning community will:  

  • Participate in a seminar class focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM  
  • Meet with Amplify Leadership Fellows one-on-one throughout the year
  • Read a common book and engage in weekly discussion groups 
  • Join optional student-led weekly gatherings 
  • Engage with K12 students through outreach opportunities  
  • On Hold for 2021-22