What are Ongoing Experiences:

A requirement of being in Amplify is to participate in an Ongoing Experience, at least one per semester. The goal of these ongoing experiences are to support you, and to help you find community/connection somewhere on campus that you can stay with after your first year is over. We have worked with a few campus partners and have come up with a few “featured” experiences that we think are great, but overall these experiences can be flexible & should fit with what you want to do. We have read through your application and placed you into an experience based on your interests & our availability.

Amplify staff and student staff will be checking in with you about your experience during the summer and as the semester goes on, so make sure your experience listed is one you are planning to attend!! At the end of the semester, we will reach out to see how it went, what info/message you have for future Amplify students who choose that experience, and if you have any cool memories/photos/video clips you’d be willing to share from your experience.



Spring 2023 Students: If you’d like to view or change your ongoing experience assignment, email us at

Fall 2024 Students: Upon acceptance, you will be assigned an ongoing experience. You’ll be able to see it when you log back into the Amplify application, here


How do you change an ongoing experience? 

Email us! Some experiences have additional steps to register / requirements / availability, so if you want to switch it please email us ASAP.


What if I want to do something else? 

That is fine! This is intended to help support and connect you, so if you find something else that you want to engage in, that can definitely count as your ongoing experience. We know from personal experience that having someone to check in is helpful, especially as everyone intends to get involved, but taking that first step is hard. If this is too much/overwhelming, we can definitely work with you.

List of ongoing experiences

Little Shop of Physics(LSOP) is a hands on science outreach program at CSU, and works with our students, the community and local k-12 youth in many ways during the semester. LSOP hires interns each year to do a variety of tasks, including building hands on experiments, recording cool science videos, traveling to local k012 schools, traveling to other states/countries, and more! The best part about LSOP is that you do not have to be an expert on science or physics to participate, they teach you along the way (and show you how to make science knowledge accessible!)

If you’re interested in trying out a Little Shop internship (with the opportunity to have it transition to a paid internship), please let us know! This could be a great fit for you if:

  • you really like building things! even if you’re not stoked about interacting with kiddos, LSOP needs folks to fix hands on science experiments. They’ll teach you how to use power tools! Solder! fix tesla coils! use oodles of duct tape!
  • you love sharing science with kiddos (and maybe want to be a science teacher?) they can connect you with local trips, with local teachers, etc.
  • want to travel and share science! They’d love for folks to go on their Fall or Spring break trips to native reservations, & they are also going to the total solar eclipse this upcoming spring!


Time commitments for this experience are: 

  • Attend a Little Shop meeting on a Thursday or Tuesday to kick off your trial internship
  • work with LSOP to determine which days/hours you might come in (this will be based on the type of internship you’re interested in, / the project you want!)
  • Interact with LSOP at least 3x per semester


If you’re interested in this experience, please email Lindsey ( to confirm this experience or get more info!

Amplify has partnered with Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) to offer an ongoing experience doing science with local youth. The Boys and Girls club of Fort Collins is an after school program, and will bring students to campus to work with us. You will work with the students some Tuesdays during the semester 4-5pm, on campus at LSOP (in the NESB Building) to do fun, easy hands on science activities (that will be taught to you too!). These students are super excited to get to know college students, there’s no prior knowledge necessary, and all LSOP experiences have the potential to lead to a paid position in the Spring.  


Main time commitments for the Boys and Girls Club LSOP expeirence include: 

  •  In-person first meeting and prep session (Time/Date TBD).
  • Tuesdays 4-5 commitments through the semester (we will not meet Finals week, the week before finals, or the week of labor day) in the Little Shop Innovation Station (NESB Building on campus).  
  • Students will be expected to make all of the scheduled days (or communicate ahead of time) so we can let the kiddos know! 


Many of you will have this listed on this webpage as your ongoing experience – email us ( or email Lindsey to confirm your spot, or confirm a different ongoing experience!

One ongoing experience can be you identifying you want a little help (and accountability) with your academics/a specific course! Look at your classes, identify one you would like to focus on. This experience is a way of holding yourself accountable (we will follow up with you, too!) to going to study groups/tutoring. You will sign in with the resource when you attend, and we will request the attendance & reach out to help keep you on track. You must attend this resource every other week, or 8 times in the semester. 

There are many ways to access tutoring and academic support at CSU. Below are some of the options, with the courses that they offer support for:

TILT: BC351, BMS300, 301, BZ110, 350, CHEM107, 111, 113, 245, 341, 343, LIFE102, MATH 141, 155, 160, 161, 261, 340, 369, PH 121, 122, 141, 142

NACC Eagle Feather Tutoring: many courses. BC, CHEM, LIFE, MIP, MATH, BZ. Reservations needed. 

Calc Center: MATH 141, 155, 156, 160, 161, 261, 340

PACe Center MATH 117, 118, 124, 125, 126

If you find another option (office hours, personal study group, tutoring through somewhere else) you can still choose it. Bookmark this Attendance tracker, you can use it to let us know what you attend!


Requirements for this experience:

  • You must attend this resource/group/experience every other week, or 8 times in the semester. 
  • Bookmark this Attendance tracker, fill it out when you go to your experience
  • Please email us when you pick a course & which resource that you want to commit to attending! 


Many of you will have this listed on this webpage as your ongoing experience – email us ( or email Lindsey to confirm your spot, or confirm a different ongoing experience!

Pick a club or student organization that you want to join. CSU has so many! You can view all orgs here on RamLink, and below are some that we’ve highlighted. You need to attend a club event/meeting 4 times per semester. 

Entomology Club           ACM           ACM-W     Sci-Fi & Fantasy Club      Neuroscience       Pre-Med      Pre-Vet       Chemistry Club      Zoology Club       RamRobotics      Ornithology       WiCys         oSTEM (out in STEM)         Psychology Student Association

We also have a few cultural/identity based clubs at CSU, including:

SACNAS: Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, NSBE:  National Society of Black Engineers (also open to STEM students), AISES: American Indian Science and Engineering Society, SASE: Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE), MANRRS: MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences, SHPE: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) (also open to STEM students). Orgullo: a group interested in creating and building community for Latine folx at CSU, oSTEM: Out In Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Required Times:

  • You need to attend a club event/meeting 4 times per semester. 
  • Bookmark this attendance tracker, and when you attend the club event/meeting fill it out.
  • Email us with which club you decide, so we can update your ongoing experience selection! 


Many of you will have this listed on this webpage as your ongoing experience – email us ( or email Lindsey to confirm your spot, or confirm a different ongoing experience!

If you’re signed up for the CNS Career Seminar (exploring how your major can turn into a career!) this counts as your ongoing experience 🙂


More info for Fall 2024:

  • Course Description: Guidance for students to explore who they are individually, strategies for pursuing a career or a graduate program in the sciences, how to develop their career path to be competitive in the selection process, and preparation of their marketing materials to be used in the future. Helps students gain a better understanding of their individual skills, values, and interests imperative to being successful in a career search.
  • Registration Information: Undergraduate majors in the College of Natural Sciences only. This is a partial semester course. Credit not allowed for both NSCI 181A1 and NSCI 193.
  • Class runs Aug. 22nd – Oct. 10th, 2024
  • Credit: 1 
  • Open to first years through seniors
  • Thursdays, 10:00 AM – 11:50 AM
  • In-person
  • Location: Inside the Career Center – LSC 120
  • CRN: 70748

Want to get to inform how millions of dollars gets spent in the university? College council is made up of CNS students who get to make decisions about how the money is spent. Participate in this experience if you want to build leadership skills and influence resource flow in the College.  

  Meeting times are still tbd. Spaces are somewhat limited for this experience, so please email us if you are excited about it!!


If your ongoing experience listed on this webpage does not say “confirmed”, please email us to confirm your spot in this experience! If you confirm and need to switch out of this experience later, just email us 🙂

Want to get to know a local Fort Collins 3rd or 5th grader? One on one mentoring can be so powerful. This program is for kiddos who come to CSU each week and do homework, fun science, and just hang out with college students. Spanish speakers highly encouraged to apply because many of these kids speak Spanish (but it’s not required!) More info can be found on the website:

The time commitments for this experience are:

  • Spring 2023: Check in with your Triunfo leader for dates.
  • Fall 2023:
    • Attend a 1 hour orientation session from 3-4pm on either 9/7 or 9/17.
    • Attend Triunfo! the program runs 2:45-4:30pm on Thursdays, dates are 9/21, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/16 and 11/30
  • Fall 2024: Dates & times are TBD, but will be similar to those last fall (above)

If your ongoing experience listed on this webpage does not say “confirmed”, please email us to confirm your spot in this experience!

Join the other neuro spicy students and meet regularly to build community, learn about ways of understanding our unique brains and navigating spaces that don’t understand us. The Neurodivergent Student Aliance meets every other week in Pinon Hall, times still tbd!

Required times: 

  • meetings still TBD, but will be every other week in Pinon Hall
  • You are expected to go to at least 4 meetings per semester with this ongoing experience!


Many of you will have this listed on this webpage as your ongoing experience – email us ( or email Lindsey to confirm your spot, or confirm a different ongoing experience!

Campus Connections Therapeutic Youth Mentoring program is a high-impact course (3 credits) at Colorado State University and a program serving local youth. You will be a part of a “family” of CSU mentors and local youth mentor of similar ages, and will work to give them exposure to a college campus, academic support, dinner, pro-social activities, and integrated mental health services.  Youth are referred from the juvenile system, schools, human services, and many other providers who recognize the tremendous benefits of therapeutic mentoring for youth.

The Campus Connections mentor application, informational video, and more details are located here:

Please note that background checks for CC need to be complete by May 10th, so if you’re interested in Campus Connections as your ongoing experience, please plan to fill out the application to be a mentor ASAP (ideally by May 1).

The Victim Assistance Team (VAT) is here to provide confidential support and advocacy to Colorado State University students and any family or friends who have experienced sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking on or off campus.

The VAT offers training to become a volunteer in the fall – it is a 40 hour training, and there is also an option to receive CSU credits for taking the training.

You can find more info here:

MURALS First Year Scholars (FYS) is a program that connects first year students to research!! Research can look like working in labs, developing projects, data collecting, surveying, literature reviews, field work, and will all include working with a faculty member (make those connections!), make a research plan, receive a stipend ($2k for 10 weeks of work) and present your work at MURALS.

Amplify has reserved spots in the MURALS First Year Scholars experience, so if you want this to be your Amplify Ongoing experience for the semester, be sure to fill out their application ASAP (I will link it here when it is open!)  You will be asked to list your top 3 lab placements (don’t forget to check the box that says Amplify!) and they will try to place you into a spot. The deadline says Sept 6th, but if you’re interested please fill out for form ASAP as spaces are limited and they fill on a rolling basis. 😊


Main time commitments for the  MURALS FYS program include:

  • If you are offered a position in the MURALS FYS program, please make sure you confirm it. (email Jocelyn ( if you are unsure how to do that!)
  • Orientation sometime in early September
  • 4-6 hours per week working on your research/project beginning in September
  • Attend MURALS FYS Academy community meetings (twice a month), create a project & present at MURALs, and potentially other venues!


If you’ve applied to the FYS and want that to be your ongoing experience, please let us know via email! If you’d like to select another ongoing experience, let us know which one!

We have many great mentoring opportunities at CSU! Here are some options below, but if you run across any others (some are major specific, or program specific) There are many more beyond this list, so if you find an opportunity you’d rather participate in, let us know!

  • Rams in Q’mmunity – through the Pride Resource Center
  • Mentoring through the Black/African American Resource Center
  • Mentoring through the Asian/Pacific American Resource center
  • La Conexión Peer mentoring program through El Centro
  • North Star Peer Mentoring through Native American Cultural Center
  • **** not limited to the above programs, any mentoring/peer mentoring program can work!***

If you’re a part of Amplify United in STEMM, you will need to pick an ongoing experience. We recommend:

  • Orgullo 
  • FYS Academy, OURA Lab (if accepted)  
  • Triunfo 
  • Boys & Girls Club 
  • Caminos



*note: Amplify United in STEMM is a cluster that is co-created by us, the learning community, and United in STEMM, a CSU initiative. All students in Amplify United in STEMM will need to participate in United in STEMM activities, and add an additional ongoing experience. Other Amplify students can select United in STEMM as their ongoing experience, and not participate in the Amplify United in STEMM cluster. aka: know if you’re in the cluster Amplify UIS or if you’re just in UIS as an ongoing experience! email us with questions.

Fall 2024 Students: You will need to select one additional ongoing experience as a part of being in Amplify Pride. We recommend:

  • oSTEM attend (4 times/semester) 
  • FYS Queer Academy 
  • Queer Seminar 
  • Triunfo 
  • Boys & Girls Club 


Current Spring 2023 students: If you’re a part of Amplify Pride, that counts as your ongoing experience 🙂

Fall 2024 students: You will need to select an ongoing experience as a part of Amplify Psychology. We recommend:

  • Psychology Student Association attend (4 times/semester)  
  • FYS Psych Academy 
  • Triunfo 
  • Boys & Girls Club 



Current Spring 2023 students: If you’re a part of Amplify Psychology, that counts as your ongoing experience! 🙂